Counseling Services Provided

Donna Peddy's clinical expertise and over thirty years of counseling experience includes three major areas of specialization in helping Adults, Children & Adolescents.


Individual counseling for issues related to: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Grief/Loss, Self-esteem, Life transitions, Communication, Relationships, Anger management

Couples counseling for issues related to: Healthy communication, Conflict resolution, Divorce issues, Blended Families, Intimacy, Pre-marital counseling

Family & Parenting counseling for issues related to: Behavioral management, Limit setting, Blended families, Divorce issues, Communication, Sibling rivalry, Child & Adolescent development issues

Children & Adolescents

Individual counseling for issues related to:   Social skills deficits, Self-esteem, Behavioral problems, Self-regulation, Sibling rivalry, Anxiety, School problems, Divorce issues, Adoption, Grief, Depression, Aspergers, ADHD 

Social Skills Training Groups for Children & Adolescents

Based on over thirty years of Group Counseling experience,  Donna is respected by the professional community as a expert in providing Group Counseling services for Children and Adolescents.   Thousands of children and teens have reached social success through Donna's unique collaboration between parents, schools and referring medical & mental health professionals.

Donna's "signatureSocial Skills Training Groups are provided year long, with an initial 12 week commitment: 

  • Social Skills Training Groups for Children & Teens
  • Jr.  Pals (Social Skills for Preschoolers)
  • Leadership Skills Training Groups  

To learn more about group counseling services, click Social Skills Groups  

Download "Social Skills Training" flyer and "Jr Pals" ;flyer