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Donna Peddy, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, is recognized as a "pioneer" in introducing Social Skills Training Groups to the Dallas - Ft. Worth metroplex.  
With over thirty years of Group Counseling experience, she has developed a variety of unique group therapy programs that enhance children's social, emotional and cognitive development.

Social Skills Training Groups for Children & Teens help facilitate a child's understanding of the HOW, WHAT, WHEN & WHY of positive, successful social interaction.  There are essential skill clusters a child needs in order to learn, integrate and apply newly acquired skills into an appropriate social context.  With repeated practice these skills can gradually become automatic. 

  • Social Behavioral skills 
  • Social Perceptual skills
  • Social Cognitive & Emotional skills

Donna's Social Skills Training groups incorporate individual behavioral goals, social perceptual goals, social cognitive & emotional goals needed to increase a child's social competence and emotional IQ.  

Enroll now in Social Skills Training Groups facilitated by Donna Peddy:


Social Skills Training Groups
Leadership Skills Training 
for Children & Teens


Social Skills Training & Leadership Training Groups are process-oriented with activities that target the “unwritten social rules” that guide successful social relationships and lay the foundation for life-long friendships.   Children & Teens learn and apply social behavioral skills, social perceptual skills, emotional and social cognitive skills.  Goals and reinforcement ideas, for parents & schools, are designed to help children and teens develop and integrate:


Social Behavioral Skills:  reciprocal conversation skills, express interest & understanding, take responsiblity, self-expression, respond to teasing,  share, take turns, join-in, fairness,  problem-solving, conflict resolution, compromise, decision-making, bullying responses, refusal skills, eye contact, listening, apologize, friendliness, cooperation, assertiveness

Social Emotional & Cognitive Skills:  social cognition, sustain attention, self-control, emotional regulation, cause & effect, reasoning & logic, identify social cues, handle disappointments, increase self-esteem, cognitive flexibility, response inhibition, cognitive mindfulness, patience, mood recognition, delay gratification, manage shyness & anxiety, cognitive control

Social Perceptual Skills:  interpret & respect social cues, increase empathy, perspective taking, self-reflection, self-evaluation, perceptual flexibility, forgiveness, understand other's motives, respecting other's space, mood management 

Groups meet weekly for 1 hour.  Groups are year-round, flexible entry, with an initial 12 week commitment.

Please download a Social Skills Group flyer




Junior Pals 
Social Skills Training for Pre-school Children

Junior Pals is a ten week, activity based program designed to enhance the pro-social skill development of young children.  Fun and developmentally appropriate  experiences are provided to help build and strengthen positive & successful social  relationships.  

The Junior Pals program focuses on:  sharing, joining in play, listening, cooperation, self-control, turn taking, dealing with losing and other disappointments, patience, appropriate self-expression, reciprocal communication, perspective taking, good sportsmanship, basic manners, following directions, compromising, dealing with teasing 

Please download a
 "Jr Pals" flyer


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